Introduction to the Glycoscience

Part 1
[Invitation to Glycoscience]
Sugar chains are glimpsed
in every corner
of the phenomenon of life

Part 2
Supporting destined encounters

Part 3
[Source of Energy]
The most accessible source of energy

Part 4
[Extracellular matrix 1]
Protector of multifunctional cells

Part 5
[Extracellular matrix 2]
support of a healthy body
- chondroitin sulfate

Part 6
[Cell proliferation and differentiation]
Relaying the whispering of cells
- heparan sulfate
and growth factor

Part 7
[Blood type]
Cells have individually
different "faces"

Part 8
Cancer cells have groomed "faces"

Part 9
[Viral infection]
Viruses snipe
at acquaintances known
by "faces"

Part 10
[Applications and Developments
in Glycoscience]

Sugar Chains
with Expanding Potential
in Medical Application
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From ?
What kind of science is glycoscience?
to! This website gives clear and easy explanations for "glycoscience" in 10 parts using familiar examples.

In this "Tell me! Dr. G" series, diversity and usefulness of glycoscience are explained in 10 parts as a lecture given by Dr. G with dialogues. This series is an introduction to the profound world of glycoscience.

The structure of most of the human genome has recently been clarified. As one of the next steps, elucidation of the "diverse activities of the sugar chain" is desired worldwide.

For more specialized and state-of-the-art information on glycoscience, please see the "Glycoforum Website."

Advanced Information
This website provides state-of-the-art information on glycoscience.

“Hyaluronic Acid” Expedition
This website gives a clear and easy explanation of various aspects of hyaluronic acid, which is present in all parts of the body.
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