Biosketch of Editors

Photo: Dr. Suziki Yasuo Suzuki : Professor Suzuki graduated from the Shizuoka College of Pharmacy, Graduate School of Pharmacy, acquiring his Ph.D. in 1974. He was appointed as the dean and post graduated dean of the University of Shizuoka, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences on 1996-2002. He served as the vice president of Japanese Society of Carbohydrate Research. He was awarded The Pharmaceutical Society of Japan award 2004 and Chunichi Cultural Award 2004. He occupies a new post as professor in the Life Health Department, specializing in biochemistry, virology and glycobiology with focus on the elucidation of the carbohydrate chain function in viral infections and development of relevant drugs. He is also the Adjunct professor of Griffith University, Australia, and visiting professor of Zhejiang Academy of Medical Science, China. He organized the sialoglycosceince 2006, 5th International conference, Mishima, Japan(Aug.27-30,2006).

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