The 33rd FCCA Seminar, Dec. 11, 1997
2nd Proteoglycan Forum
"Biology of Hyaluronan" and "Sulfation of Glycoconjugates"

Date: December 11, 1997, 14:30-17:30
Place:Tokyo Medical and Dental University, 1st Building, 9th Floor Auditorium
(1-5-45 Yushima, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo)
Sponsored by:FCCA(Forum: Carbohydrates Coming of Age)
Glycoforum(Seikagaku Corporation)
Organizers:Masaki Yanagishita, Department of Biochemistry, Tokyo Medical and Dental University, School of Dentistry
Masayuki Ishihara, Division of Biomedical Engineering, National Defense, Medical College Research Institute
"Sulfation: The terminal modification of glycoconjugates"
Nancy B. Schwartz (The University of Chicago, USA)

"Hyaluronan-CD44 interactions in morphogenesis and tumorigenesis"
Bryan Toole (Tufts University, USA)

"The hyaluronidase-like sequences in the human genome: An emerging enzyme family"
Robert Stern (University of California San Francisco, USA)