Date: June 24, 2000
Act City Hamamatsu Japan, Congress Center Room 31
Sponsor: ISFP
Co-sponsor: PG Forum
Organizer: Masaki Yanagishita
(Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Japan)
Kazuyuki Shimada(Jichi Medical School, Japan )
Hisao Kato(The Research Institute of the National Cardiovascular Center, Japan)
Session 1 Chairperson; M. Yanagishita
9:30-10:20 (Keynote speech)
S-9-1; Some observations on the structure and function of heparan sulphate
John T. Gallagher (Paterson Institute, UK)
S-9-2; Syndecan-4 deficiency impairs the fetal vessels in the placental labyrinth
K Ishiguro(iNagoya University, School of Medicine, Japan)
10:40-11:00 Coffee break
S-9-3; Heparanase expression in metastatic tumors
Motowo Nakajima (Novartis Pharma K.K., Japan)
S-9-4; The possible role of PG-M/versican in human coronary restenosis after angioplasity
Kyoko Imanaka-Yoshida (Mie University, School of Medicine, Japan)
S-9-5; Proteoglycans in the infarcted and the pressure-overloaded heart
Takashi Murakami (Okayama University, Medical School, Japan)
12:00-13:30 Lunch
Session 2 Chairperson; K. Shimada
13:30-14:20 (Keynote speech)
S-9-6; The role of proteoglycans and hyaluronan in atherosclerosis and restenosis.
Thomas N. Wight (University of Washington, USA)
S-9-7; Regulation of proteoglycan synthesis mediated by thrombin receptor in human coronary endothelial cells in culture
Toshiyuki Kaji (Hokuriku University, Japan)
S-9-8; Physiological function of extracellular-superoxide dismutase and reduction of its heparin-affinity by arginine-213 to glycine mutation
Tetsuo Adachi (Gifu Pharmaceutical University, Japan)
S-9-9; Heparin and angiogenic therapy
Masatoshi Fujita (College of Medical Technology, Kyoto University, Japan)
15:20-15:40 Coffee break
Session 3 Chairperson; H. Kato
S-9-10; Synthetic and biotechnology derived glycomimetics. Impact on drug development.
Jawed Fareed (Loyola University Chicago, USA)
S-9-11; Proteoglycans as biomaterials
Takehisa Matsuda (Kyushu University, Japan)
S-9-12; Dermatan sulfate and skin fibroblast
Yoshihisa Naito (Hamamatsu University, School of Medicine, Japan)
S-9-13; Wound healing and glycosaminoglycan
Yujiro Takae (Saitama Medical School, Japan)
S-9-14; Role of CD44 and proteoglycan in inflammatory processes: in the context of cell adhesion
Yoshiya Tanaka (University of Occupational and Environmental Health, Japan)


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