Opening Special Lecture@(9:00`9:35)
9:00 A. Kobata, Tokyo Metropol.Inst.Gerontology, Itabashi,Tokyo
"30 Years Development of Glycobiology in the Field of Glycoprotein Research - Retrospect and prospect of the studies of our research group"
Session 1@(Glycotechnology: Synthesis of glycoconjugates) (9:35`11:35)
9:35 S. Nishimura, Professor, Hokkaido University, Sapporo
"Challenge to glycosynthesizer: Combined use of immobilized enzymes and designed primers"
10:00 B.W. Dijkstra, Professor, University of Groningen, Lab. of Biophysical Chemistry, Groningen
"Structural investigations of the catalytic mechanism of cyclodextrin glycosyltransferase"
Coffee break@(10:25`10:45)
10:45 P.H.C. van Berkel, Senior Res.Fellow, Pharming BV Leiden
"The development of analytical methods to characterize biopharmaceuticals produced in the milk of transgenic animals"
11:10 B.A.M. van der Zeijst, Director Vaccins, National Inst. Public Health and Environment. Bilthoven
"Enzymatic synthesis of polysaccharides:appolications in treatment and prevention of infectious diseases and cancer"
Session 2@(Recognition features involving glycoconjugates between complementary molecules, molecules and cells, and cell-cell interactions)
Session 2-1(Molecular interactions) (11:35`14:40)
11:35 J.P. Kamerling, Professor, Utrecht Univ., Bijvoet Center for Biomol.Res.,Utrecht. "Surface plasmon resonance studies of carbohydrate-protein and carbohydrate- carbohydrate interactions"
Lunch (12:00`13:00)
Session 2-1@iMolecular interactions, continued) (11:35`14:40)
13:00 K.Yamashita, Dept. Head, Sasaki Institute, Tokyo
"Functional roles of the lectin activities of cytokines in triggering T-cell proliferation"
13:25 H.P.Spaink, Professor, Leiden University, Research Institute Mol.Plant Sciences, Leiden
"Function of glycosyltransferases involved in biosynthesis of chitin oligosaccharides: signal molecules involved in plant and animal organogenesis"
13:50 J.M. Aerts, Senior Research Fellow, Acad.Med Centre, Univ.Amsterdam, @@@@@ Amsterdam
"Chitotriosidase, a member of the newly identified, human chitinase protein family"
14:15 T. Muramatsu, Professor, Nagoya Univ. School of Medicine, Nagoya
"Recognition of proteoglycans by midkine and its physiological and pathological consequences"
Session 2-2@iMembrane glycoconjugates and topology) (14:40`16:20)
14:40 G.F.B.P. van Meer, Professor, Dept.Cell Biol.Histol., Acad.Med.Center,Univ.Amsterdam, Amsterdam
"Glucosylceramide topology and function"
15:05 Y. Hirabayashi, Lab. Head, Inst.Phys.Chem.Res. , Wako
"Ceramide glycosylation as a highly conserved system required for survival and death of central neurons"
15:30 I. Braakman, Senior Research Fellow, Acad.Med.Centre,Univ.Amsterdam, Amsterdam
"Folding of glycoproteins in the endoplasmic reticulum of mammalian cells"
15:55 T. Kawasaki, Professor, Kyoto Univ., Fac. Pharmaceutical Sci., Kyoto
"The role of the HNK-1 carbohydrate epitope in the cell-cell adhesive interactions"
Coffee break@(16:20`16:40)
Session 2-3@(Signaling molecules and cells) (16:40`17:55)
16:40 R. Kannagi, Dept. Head, Aichi Cancer Center Research Institute, Nagoya
"Regulatory mechanism for expression of glycoconjugate ligands involved in selectin-mediated cell adhesion"
17:05 M. Miyasaka, Professor, Osaka Univ.Grad.Sch.Med., Dept. Bioregulation, Osaka
" Binding of a large chondroitin sulfate proteoglycan,versican,to multiple proinflammatory molecules "
17:30 H. Narimatsu, Professor, Inst. of Life Sci., Soka University, Tokyo
"A unique specificity of 1,3-fucosyltransferase IX (FUT9) and analysis of Fut9-deficienct knockout mouse"
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