Session 4-1@(Diseases or pathological conditions, continued) (9:00`9:50)
9:00 Y. Suzuki, Professor, Shizuoka Univ., Fac. Pharmaceutical Sci., Shizuoka
"Receptor specificity and host mediated variation of influenza viruses"
9:25 P.J.M. Rottier, Professor, Utrecht University, Fac. Of veterinary Medicine, Dept. Immunology, Utrecht
"O-Glycosylation of the mouse hepatitis coronavirus membrane protein"
Session 4-2@(Biological significance of glycoconjugates, and diseases) (9:50`12:00)
9:50 T. Irimura, Professor, Univ.Tokyo, Fac. Pharmaceutical Sci., Tokyo
" Strict regulation of GalNAc incorporation into MUC2 core peptides"
10:15 J. Bolscher, Associate Professor, Academic Centre for Dentistry Amsterdam, Dept.Oral Biochemistry, Amsterdam
"Salivary mucins and Helicobacter pylori"
10:40 G.J. Gerwig, Senior Research Fellow, Bijvoet Center for Biomol. Research, Utrecht Univ., Utrecht
"A novel disorder in a new-born caused by defective biosynthesis of N-linked oligosaccharides due to glucosidase I deficiency"
11:05 W. Van Dijk, Associate Professor, Free University Amsterdam, Dept.Med.Chemistry, @Amsterdam
"Increased3-fucosylation of acute-phase glycoproteins in patients with carbohydrate deficient glycoprotein syndrome (CDGS)"
11:30 N. Taniguchi, Professor, Osaka Univ.Grad.Sch.Med., Dept.Biochem., Osaka
" Enzymatic and structural bases of the reduction of-Gal epitopes in GnT-III gene- transfected swine endothelial cells; A possible application for the swine to human xenotranplantation "
Concluding Remarks@11:55`12:00
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