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We have opened a Web site titled "Glycoforum" in which FCCA (Forum: Carbohydrates Coming of Age) and other world glycoscientists introduce a series of topics on rapidly growing glycoscience in an easy-to-understand way. We hope that this forum will serve as an access point of the global glycoscientific information network already working. We will heartily welcome you visiting our Glycoforum, as readers or writers, for further growth of this forum.

We welcome your comments on this Forum.

1. Interviewees you want to hear from in the "The Forefront of Glycoscience" site
2. Words and topics you want to read in the "GlycoWord" site
3. Your comments on articles in "The Science of Hyaluronan Today"
4. Your general impressions of "Glycoforum"

Wherever practicable, we will reflect your comments in future forum pages.

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