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Hyaluronan Today
9th International Conference on Hyaluronan Research (HA 2013) Report / Koji Kimata
HA 2013, the 9th International Conference on Hyaluronan Research, was held for six days from June 2 -7, 2013, in Oklahoma City, USA. The Conference was organized mainly by Dr. Paul Weigel, together with four organizers, Dr. Paul DeAngelis, Dr. Anthony Day and preceding organizers Dr. Masaki Yanagishita and Dr. Koji Kimata.  It was held in honor of Dr. Bryan Toole for his longtime contribution to hyaluronan (HA) research.   ...and more
Hyaluronan Today
Highlights and Summary of the 9th International Conference on Hyaluronan (HA 2013) / Naoki Itano
The International Conference on Hyaluronan (HA 2013) was held at the COX Convention Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA from June 2 -7, 2013. The conference is held once every three years, hosted by the International Society for Hyaluronan Sciences (ISHAS). This marked the 9th conference and followed HA2010, which was held in Kyoto.   ...and more
last updated 2015/1/7

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