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Hyaluronan Today
Chemo-enzymatic Synthesis of Glyco-medicines Using Microbial Endoglycosidase / Kenji Yamamoto NEW
Rapid progress in gene and protein engineering has enabled important advances in the development of new medicines and treatment of various diseases. However, the technique of adding sugar chains to proteins has not yet been fully developed despite the fact that it is important in protein synthesis as a post-translation process in the cell. So far, no effective techniques or tools to freely engineer the sugar chain have been established.   ...and more
Hyaluronan Today
Glycan-mediated human adaptation of avian influenza viruses and pandemic control / Yohei Watanabe
Since its emergence in 1996, highly pathogenic H5N1 subtype avian influenza virus has posed a massive threat to public health. Recent human infections by avian influenza viruses other than the H5N1 subtype also necessitate continuous surveillance of avian influenza in the field. Thus far, most human infection by avian influenza viruses has resulted from close contact with infected birds, and viruses have not yet fully acquired fitness to infect humans. However, repeated bird-to-human transmission may generate avian influenza virus variants with greater fitness by accumulation of point mutations and/or reassortment.   ...and more
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