Advances in Human Glycome Atlas Project (HGA) HGA, J-GlycoNet, iGCORE, ExCELLS, GaLSIC

Editor/ Chihiro Sato


Total glycome analysis −N-glycomics−

Hisatoshi Hanamatsu / Masaki Kurogochi / Jun-ichi Furukawa

last updated 2024/06/03 (Glycoforum. 2024 Vol.27 (3), A9)  

In segment 2 of the Human Glycome Atlas Project (HGA), the generation of a large-scale human glycome catalog (total human plasma glycome) is one of the most important missions to construct a database called TOHSA. In this section, we introduce our latest studies, covering 2) the improved analysis of N-glycans by a glycoblotting method in combination with sialic linkage-specific derivatization to distinguish sialylated glycan isomers, and 3) the development of an automated N-glycan preparation instrument for large-scale glycomic analysis of human plasma/serum. ...and more

HGA Segment 1: Comprehensive acquisition of human glycan structural information

Hiroyuki Kaji

last updated 2024/04/01 (Glycoforum. 2024 Vol.27 (2), A4)  

In April 2023, the Human Glycome Atlas (HGA) Project was started within the framework of the Large-Scale Academic Frontier Promotion Project sponsored by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan. The HGA Project advocates for the scientific goal of “Clarifying the Truth of the Extended Central Dogma” and has four strategic segments planned to attain this goal. First, the mission of Segment 1 is to “acquire information on human glycan structures at the glycoproteome level”. Glycans are diverse and heterogeneous, and vary depending on producing cells, protein kinds, and glycosylation sites; furthermore, they are described as alterable with change in cellular status. In this segment, the actual status of glycans is explored based on comprehensive information that has been systematically acquired using a standardized approach, rather than piecemeal information acquired fragmentally and compiled individually. First, efforts are underway to elucidate the whole picture of serum and plasma glycoproteins. ...and more

Human Glycome Atlas Project: The future that opens up

Kenji Kadomatsu

last updated 2024/02/01 (Glycoforum. 2024 Vol.27 (1), A1)  

The Human Glycome Atlas Project (HGA) started in Japan in April 2023. This project will raise the level of glycan information availability, which has been remarkably low relative to that of other major biopolymers (nucleic acids and proteins). For this purpose, human glycan structures and their biosynthesis mechanisms will be comprehensively obtained within the HGA. Human glycan structures, together with clinical information and phenotypes, will be catalogued as individual data of a large population. This information will be stored in the knowledgebase TOHSA, and all researchers worldwide will be able to easily incorporate glycan information into their routine research. Thus, the HGA will give scientists a new vision of life and open a new era of life science. ...and more