Glycotext 2024

The Human Glycome Atlas Project: Initiating and Envisioning the Future NEW!
Kenji Kadomatsu Institute for Glyco core Research Research (iGCOREiGCORE) / Nagoya University, Tokai National Higher Education and Research System
Glycoforum. 2024 Vol.27 (SI), G1
First release:2024/2/1

Glycotext 2023

Regulation of skin aging by targeting glycans in epidermal stem cells
Aiko Sada Medical Institute of Bioregulation, Kyushu University / International Research Center for Medical Sciences, Kumamoto University
Glycoforum. 2023 Vol.26 (SI), G4
First release:2023/12/1
Glyco-engineering for Glycoprotein Production and Development of a Visualization Tool for Glycan Metabolic Pathways
Morihisa Fujita Institute for Glyco-core Research (iGCORE), Gifu University
Glycoforum. 2023 Vol.26 (SI), G3
First release:2023/4/3
Activity, specificity and disease relevance of N-glycan branching enzymes
Yasuhiko Kizuka Tokai National Higher Education and Research System Gifu University, Institute for Glyco-core Research(iGCORE)
Glycoforum. 2023 Vol.26 (SI), G2
First release:2023/2/1
Basic Pancreatic Cancer research collaborate with surgeons and researchers
Osamu Shimomura University of Tsukuba, Dept. GI & HBP Surgery
Glycoforum. 2023 Vol.26 (SI), G1
First release:2023/2/1

Glycotext 2022

Gene Delivery Systems using GAG
Toshinori Sato Faculty of Science and Technology, Keio University
Glycoforum. 2022 Vol.25 (SI), G5
First release:2022/12/1
Basics of glycan/lectin drug discovery and new technology for glycan decoding (scGR seq)
Hiroaki Tateno National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology University of Tsukuba
Glycoforum. 2022 Vol.25 (SI), G3
First release:2022/8/1
Correction:2022/9/20, Some remaining Japanese words were translated into English. Slide 6, 26, 50, 51, 53, 55-57, 60, 62 were corrected and Slide 52, 61 were added.
The mechanism of intestinal epithelial glycosylation and regulation of gut homeostasis
Yoshiyuki Goto Chiba University / Tokyo University
Glycoforum. 2022 Vol.25 (SI), G2
Generation of Kidney Organoids from human iPS cells
Minoru Takasato RIKEN BDR
Glycoforum. 2022 Vol.25 (SI), G1
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Glycotext 2019

The 3rd TIAnano Bio Summer School (Glycan and Lectin) 2019 Report
Kyoko Kojima-Aikawa Ochanomizu University
Glycoforum. 2020 Vol.23 (SI), G0
Function and disease relevance of glycosyltransferase (PDF)
Yasuhiko Kizuka Gifu University
Glycoforum. 2020 Vol.23 (SI), G1
Future Drug Development by In Vivo Glycocarrier
-Therapeutic In Vivo Synthetic Chemistry- (PDF)

Katsunori Tanaka Tokyo Institute of Technology, RIKEN
Glycoforum. 2020 Vol.23 (SI), G2
Catabolism of Glycans (PDF)
Tadashi Suzuki RIKEN
Glycoforum. 2020 Vol.23 (SI), G3
Analyses in determining the sequence and structure of glycans (PDF)
Hirokazu Yagi Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Nagoya City University
Glycoforum. 2020 Vol.23 (SI), G4
Glycan recognition revealed by synthetic chemistry (PDF)
Kiichiro TOTANI Seikei University
Glycoforum. 2020 Vol.23 (SI), G5