Comparative Glycomics and Life Evolution

ES-00 :
Chemical Evolution and Biological Recognition of Glycans
Jun Hirabayashi

Glycans in various organisms

ES-A01 :
Evolution of Lactose and Milk Oligosaccharides
Tadasu Urashima
ES-A02 :
Comparative Biochemical Study on Glycosaminoglycans
Shuhei Yamada
ES-A03 :
Sialic Acid and Evolution
Chihiro Sato

Evolution of glycosyltransferases

ES-B01 :
Evolutional Conservation of the Glycan-mediated Quality Control System for Newly Synthesized Proteins in the Endoplasmic Reticulum (ER)
Tadashi Suzuki
ES-B02 :
The Evolutionary History of Glycosyltransferase Genes
Mika Kaneko / Naruya Saitou
ES-B03 :
N-Glycans and the Evolution of Life
Shunji Natsuka

Evolution of lectins

ES-C01 :
Distribution and Function of Lectins in Organisms
Jun Hirabayashi
ES-C02 :
Comparative Biochemistry of the Galectin Families
Hiroki Shoji
ES-C03 :
Differentiation of L-Type Lectin Domains into Two Directions
Kazuo Yamamoto
ES-C04 :
Comparative Biology of I-Type Lectins
Takashi Angata